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I’m a dyspraxic depressive who, to my great chagrin, has been stompingly, outstandingly, ecstatically and resoundingly inspired by the London 2012 Olympics. Because of that, I’m learning how to ride a bike.

You know, baby steps.

PS. This blog is, as you can see, still very new. I’m going to muck around with themes at some point to find one that suits my needs as I realise the site is currently a little spare. In the meantime, if you have any suggestions for bits and bobs you’d like me to include to make things better and life more fruitful, please let me know via some form of comment, expletive-laden or otherwise. Granted the expletive-laden ones won’t be approved for public consumption, but they might give me a chuckle. Or get you blocked. The risk is really yours to take. Do you feel you have a good grasp of the division between irony and dickery? Well do ya, punk?

Drop me tweets @endingthecycle


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